Am i too young to start using wrinkle cream?

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I was at Target and on a whim i bought Burts Bees Naturally Ageless eye wrinkle creams and i want to start using now to delay wrinkles as long as i can. I am 16 by the way. Should i start using it now or is it pointless? I heard that using wrinkle creams too young can actually help get wrinkles faster or something. someone help me?

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*MuAh* January 9, 2011 at 6:34 pm

16 is too young… using wrinkle creams at a younger age does help get less wrinkles later on but i think a good age to start is like 21 or 22

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Sage January 10, 2011 at 4:22 am

Its pointless.Because have the time those products don’t even work and when they do its only a slight change. Wrinkles are going to happen. They are not horrible and they aren’t the end of the world. You are 16 so the best way to avoid have excess wrinkles is to take care of your skin. Wear sunscreen when you go outside. Avoid prolong exposure to the sun. A lot of times this is what causes excess wrinkling. :)

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Brynna January 11, 2011 at 10:58 am

Hi J,

It’s good that you are looking into wrinkle prevention at an early age. Some of the things you can do to help prevent wrinkles would be to: drink plenty of water, keep your skin moisturized and keep your skin well protected from the sun. If you’re looking into wrinkle creams, check the Olay brand, its a good quality brand that has given people great results for many years.

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Cl January 12, 2011 at 8:06 pm

As you are only 16, I believe the only thing that cause you to have wrinkles is you didn’ t have a healthy diet! Skin is just a thing that tell us about our overall health condition. If you see wrinkles on your skin, it is a signal that you should pay extra attention to your health!

For prevention, as you are still young, I guess you should start paying attention to your diet, make sure you eat lots of deep color vegetables and drink lots of water every day. In addition, you can consider to take Mutli Vitamin such as A, D, and E, they are good for your health plus your skin! Do not expose too much to the sun, and if you do, use the right sun blocker product. Just make sure you stay yourself healthy, then you will be fine!

Regarding to Anti Aging product, you can use it but make sure you pick the right one; otherwise, it will really somehow damage your skins and create more wrinkles! Make sure you use the skin care products that do not have chemical ingredients, because this will harm your skin. Make sure choose something that is all natural ingredient!

Here is a product you can read a bit on as it is a good product which you can consider. It makes of all natural ingredients plus you can try it for free as a start. I am using it now, and I think result turns out great! Learn more details if you are interested!

Good Luck and Stay Healthy!

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