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Does this stuff work to remove dark rings under eyes? 28 Male

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Bilal S January 9, 2011 at 2:02 am

I have been using it for 2-3 weeks now. At the moment i do not see any change to my dark circles. Having researched on the hydrolyze under eye cream i dont think that this product can remove dark circles. unfortunately i purchased this item before i found out some negative facts about this product. There is not much negative facts about this cream on the internet except some websites have rated not good and 1 website has rated it good. Also the testimonials on the hydrolyze website i believe is not authentic, i highly doubt that its real due to the fact from my personal opinion of using this cream for 2-3 weeks and finding another person on a website that stated they have used 2 tubs of the cream and have not seen any results.

have a look at the following links that talk about the hydrolyze under eye cream;
– “we are hesitant to recommend the hydrolyze under eye cream”
– “this link may take some time to open”

– “The manufacturer, Longevity LLC, has a shady track record in the diet supplement manufacturing world.”

“the above link is the only website that recommends hydrolyze under eye cream”

Personally i would not recommend anyone for the hydrolyze under eye cream mainly because i do NOT see the slightest results around my eyes having using it for 2-3 weeks. I believe if this was the right cream to remove dark circles around the eyes then atleast there would of been some sort of result by now even the slightest.

When i complete the hydrolyze cream which i highly doubt will remove my dark circles i am thinking of purchasing the “Revitalume” ( which i think has come out very recently last september..i think.

Anyway some one at yahoo answers said they saw a difference when using this product here is the link:

I also “would have” maybe recommended the dermitage eye cream ( BUT there seems to be too many complaints about it mainly because customers money being taken from thier credit cards…extra fees being charged every month by Dermitage without the customers approval ….alot of people have complained about that on websites.

As far as the product removing dark circles suprisingly some peolple have said it does work and a few have said it made there dark circles worse!….if u ask me i just dont know if i would buy it….or should i say i will be scared because they might take my money without my approval.

Heres some links about that dermitage eye cream;


Anyway hope all this helps


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