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There are many ways of attracting customers to buy your products. Giving them discounts or free trial offers have proved to be the best ways to win the customers. The products that are sold in the beauty industry are known to come with the above great offers. At times the same great offers have been prone to the scammers.

A free trial offer is given by sellers who are very sure that the product is of good quality, and it is basically a way to affirm that to the buyer. There are many products in the beauty ad weight loss industries that are sold by the offer of free trials.

Hydroxatone is one product in the beauty industry that is sold in such a manner.

You can buy Hydroxatone from the official website, and be a beneficially of such an offer. There are a number of benefits that the manufacturer of the product will guarantee that you will get out of the free trial offer, hence the confidence that you will surely subscribe to it. The following are some of the main benefits that will accrue to the buyer of Hydraxotone after receiving the free trial offer.

1. Appearance of the wrinkles will be reduced

2. Appearance of age spots will be minimized

3. collagen will be boosted

4. skin will be given protection against the harmful rays

A lot of buyers have continuously bought Hydroxatone after the free trial offer. This is because the product is efficient and customers are assured of getting the best out of it.

A buyer will have to understand the terms and conditions of the free trial offer before getting to purchase the product for a number of reasons. Failure to understand or misinterpretation of the clause make a person complain later on of Hydroxatone Scam. The manufacturer argue that there is no Hydroxatone scam unless one is either ignorant to read the fine prints or is too obsessed to get it for free at all cost. The following are some terms and conditions of the getting the free trial offers of Hydroxatone from the official website of the product:

1. 60 day product

Under the free trial offer, you will be given a two months supply of the product at a cost of $160. You will be required to be getting the products thereafter on two equal installments.

2. Automatic billing

When you get Hydroxatone under a free trial program, you will be required to sign up to an automatic billing arrangement, where your credit card will be billed automatically on a given date. You are given a customer hotline to cancel the order, to terminate the billing.

3. Autoship program

You will also be required to sign up to the autoship program. Under the free trial, you will be required to cater for the shipping charges amounting to $ 9.95. The good thing is that you can cancel the orders at any time using the customer care hotline given in the official site, and if you do it in the right manner, the billings will automatically stop

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